How It Works

Our design process for success

1. Discovery

Gather your content and send to us electronically - All images, graphics, and colors you would like us to use. Provide final text for each page of site, and fill out our Project Planner. Once we've reviewed your content, we will contact you to set up an initial design consultation. We will answer any questions you have regarding the process, and discuss your goals for the site.

2. Design

We will design your website home page and one secondary page, and return electronic jpeg images for you to review via email. After you provide us with feedback, we will send you the final design for approval. Then we will lay out the content for the rest of the pages using the approved design.

3. Coding

The pages will be programmed, and you will be able to review the entire site before it is live and approve the final site, or provide any programming changes.

4. Testing

Complete testing can help address issues before the website is revealed to the public. Issues such as the security of the web application, the basic functionality of the site, as well as readiness for expected traffic and number of users and the ability to survive a massive spike in user traffic, both of which are related to load testing. Your website will be professional tested on multiple browsers on Mac and PC computers, tablets and mobile devices.

5. Launch & warranty

After we have thoroughly tested your website we will make it live on the Internet. we will provide (30) thirty day warranty period from the day the website goes live to make sure the website meets your specifications.

6. Ongoing services

Every month we will update your website.

What makes you different from the competition?

We realize that there are a thousand different companies building websites. What sets us apart is the simple fact that we know the restaurant business. Many companies can build your restaurant a website, but do they understand your business? Do these companies have extensive knowledge in the kitchen or on the floor managing a restaurant? Well, we've done it all. We've washed our fair share of dishes, tended bar, and waited tables.

The founders of Restaurant Website Platform, bring over two decades each of restaurant knowledge to the table. These qualifications give us a huge advantage over every other website company when it comes to servicing your restaurant. Our restaurant experience and philosophy of hospitality affects every single decision that we make as a company. The features that are included in every stunning website that we build have been specifically designed for the restaurant industry. We work with Adobe Technology to design and support your website. That means that your new website will be top shelf and even update itself automatically as new technology is created.

When it comes to designing an affordable restaurant website, we believe that the value of our services are unmatched. In the end, we don't just slap together websites and send you on your way. We empower your restaurant with an "all-in-one" business solution that will help your restaurant grow financially year in and year out. Let us help your restaurant and you'll never get in the weeds with your website again.