Referral program

As a Thank You for giving us a lead that we convert to a new subscriber,
we will send you a $200 check!

Here at Restaurant Website Platform, we have developed a simple yet effective referral program to bring more restaurants onto our platform. Whether you own a restaurant or have nothing to do with one, our referral program will pay you $200 for each and every restaurant client that you send our way.

So here's how it works. Simply send us your contact information and the referred restaurant's information through our Referral Program submission form below. After that restaurant becomes one of our valued subscribers, we will send you a check for $200 once we have been paid in full for design and setup.

Our referral program is great for restaurant owners who are already clients of Restaurant Website Platform who turn other restaurants onto our services. We can either mail you a check for $200 or deduct that amount from your monthly subscription cost. We have designed our referral program to reward the managers, waiters, bartenders, busboys, food runners, chefs, cooks and dishwashers that send us restaurants that we will help to succeed online.

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