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Restaurant Website Platform launches Parallel 38

Vincent Gisriel - Friday, February 28, 2014

We are extremely proud to introduce Parallel 38 - a new Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Justin Ross formerly of Zaytinya and Zola in Washington DC invested an entire year into to creating this warm and inviting small plate concept that takes his guests on a tour of all the incredible wines and flavors that the 38th Parallel has to offer. The food at Parallel 38 is designed to be shared with friends while sipping wine, craft beer or cocktails. Their menu consists of house made spreads, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, fresh seafood, rustic meat dishes and eclectic vegetables. Parallel 38 incorporated cork tiles and black board paint for the walls, an open kitchen and ceiling, local soap stone for the bar and reclaimed factory carts for the seating. The restaurant mixes industrial materials with warm accents from black leather and artist designed lighting to pull you in.

So when RWP was hired to design their website, we took all the elements that make Parallel 38 unique and brought them together. Our goal was to bring the great flavors and minimalist facade of the restaurant to the website. Because this is a new restaurant, we really wanted their guests to feel welcome when they first visit the site and make a reservation. A professional photographer was hired to capture the food and the decor perfectly. This horizontal responsive site will adapt to any size screen on any device. We also added a custom Twitter feed section to the homepage so that guests can stay current on all the happenings in the restaurant. Soon Parallel 38 will even offer wine tastings, cooking classes and gift cards for purchase online. Like all the websites that we develop, we used the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. This way when this restaurant wants to turn up the heat on marketing, they will be ready to cook.

We pride ourselves on clean, simple and intelligently designed websites. We hope that in your travels you stop by Parallel 38 ( and taste the amazing food and wine that they have to offer. For more information about Business Catalyst platform, contact Vincent directly at 301.537.8500 or email me directly at

Increase sales by adding Ecommerce to your restaurant website and selling gift cards

Vincent Gisriel - Monday, November 26, 2012

Every restaurant constantly strives to increase sales and improve marketing strategies to become more profitable. One way to increase sales with very little investment and minimal effort is to establish a gift card program for your restaurant. Gifts cards can drive up sales in down times and introduce a new stream of clientele to your restaurant. This allows your regular customers a way to advertise all your hard work and hospitality throughout the year by treating their family or friends to dinner at your restaurant. They say that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. But how about word of mouth and a sample of what your restaurant cooks and serves everyday? According to the National Restaurant Association, approximately 78 percent of Americans say that they would like to receive restaurant gift cards or certificates on gift occasions.

Many of our clients that have a gift card program run it from the hostess stand. The customer comes in, asks to buy a gift card and the hostess must track down a manager to complete the sales transaction. We offer an easier solution that can increase sales when your customers visit your restaurant’s website. Every website platform that we sell here at Restaurant Website Platform has an E-Commerce shopping cart built into the back end. Not only can your restaurant sell gift cards online, you can create an online store to sell items to promote your brand. Some restaurants decide to sell something as simple as a specialty salsa or even T-shirts and hats.

The E-Commerce shopping carts that we build in our platforms support a wide range of payment gateways in the United States and can be customized to connect directly to your local bank account. Our system can connect your restaurant with payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Every transaction that is made in your online store can be synced to QuickBooks Web Connector (version 5 or later) to help you with your accounting structure.

By setting up a powerful online store that has Search Engine Optimization built in, your restaurant can sell products or gift cards with inventory management. Your office can easily maintain a history of orders and even offer bonuses for customer loyalty and repeat purchasers. These customers are also automatically attached to your E-Mail marketing database and can be included in direct marketing campaigns. Every online order is linked to the unique customer record in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that we wrote about last week.

Restaurant Website Platform has integrated an E-Commerce shopping cart as part our “all in one” business solution. We believe that Electronic Commerce should be utilized by all of the restaurants that we serve and not be sold as an upgrade. In the end, our job is to make sure your restaurant will continue to grow and increase sales every year.