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Restaurants should understand the importance of family meal

Vincent Gisriel - Monday, December 10, 2012

When you‘re in the restaurant business, it’s easy to forget about the outside world. You roll into work and your reality instantly becomes how many people do we have on the books tonight? This goes for the chef, the kitchen staff, the bussers, the servers, the bartenders and the managers. This week we will show that restaurants that provide a “Family Meal” to your staff, can create a better working environment.

So, how many people do we have on the books tonight?

For the front of the house, this means how much money they will walk with. For the kitchen, it is entirely different animal. The number of guests a restaurant is expecting on any given day or night, means how many hours of preparation, organization and communication so that all of the back of the house is ready for the unavoidable mayhem that is getting ready to be unleashed upon them.

Being organized as a team, front of the house and back of the house, is the best action a restaurant can make to insure a successful day and night. The best restaurants in the business understand that staff meetings seldom work. The most successful restaurant groups use a formula that is bullet proof when it comes to motivating and educating their staff. It’s called the Family Meal or Comida.

If you care about your business and your employees, there is one thing twice a day that you, as a restaurant owner can do to show your gratitude. Cook them something great to eat and let them gather to enjoy it before the shift. By taking care of the people that make your business work, you emphasize how much you care.

By bringing together both back of the house and front of the house at the same table, it shows that every single person on board in your restaurant is equal and extremely important.Think about it this way, all the waiters usually hang out with waiters, all the cooks usually hang out with cooks and the bussers usually stick with the bussers in most restaurants on the planet.

It is your job as a restaurant owner or manager to break down those barriers and make everyone understand the importance of each and every employee. Often times, whether you realize it or not, the most important person in the room of any restaurant gathering is the dishwasher. Without a solid, reliable dishwasher, the entire engine of a busy restaurant will always lock up and refuse to run.

So, Comida or Family Meal is a gathering of the entire staff, no matter how large or small to sit down and talk with each other like regular human beings. If the management staff wishes to address issues about yesterday, today or even tomorrow, those issues should be addressed after everyone has had something to eat. It is that simple, start treating your employees the way that you want to be treated and watch your business grow. We have many different types of restaurants as clients and the one thing that the successful ones always understand is that the employee comes before the customer. Without a happy employee, how can you expect to have a happy customer?