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Why does my restaurant need a new website?

Vincent Gisriel - Thursday, February 28, 2013

That is the number one question that we hear everyday at Restaurant Website Platform. So, we thought we would take a few moments and answer that question the best way we know how.

In today’s market, it is not enough for restaurants to have a old static website and that is precisely why we’ve developed an “all-in-one” website business solution for restaurants. We understand that there are many factors that make a restaurant successful. A great Chef, a friendly reliable staff both front of the house and back, competent management and delicious food sold at a smart price point. These are all key factors that can make or break a restaurant. And don’t forget, a reasonable rent with a desirable location. But your location on the Internet and the way that your restaurant is perceived online is crucial to your survival in this extremely competitive market.

How many times have you searched for something on the Internet and come across an outdated website? When we say outdated, we mean drab, lifeless and without the proper information designed in an attractive easy to navigate format. Did you as a consumer click to the next choice on Google or stay on that outdated website? We’ll bet that you skipped right over that outdated website. Our platform can help guarantee that you won’t be one of those restaurants wondering why diners skipped over you and are eating at the packed place across the street.

Most of your diners will visit your restaurant’s website well before they ever walk through your doors. Sometimes we feel like a broken record when we stress this point but it is simply a FACT. Your website should be a welcoming experience for your future diners and pleasurable learning process. By tempting your future guests with mouth-watering menus, professional photos of your food, and a snapshot of your restaurant’s ambience, you can hook them right then and there.

  • An outdated website won’t help your restaurant attract and retain customers in just a few seconds.
  • An outdated website won’t include a mobile version that adapts to smart phones and tablets to provide your future diners with the information they are searching for in a flash.
  • An outdated website won’t track where your customers are coming from and record the key words that they are using to search for you.
  • An outdated website won’t record your customers spending habits in a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system.
  • An outdated website won’t build a list of your customers so that you can use E-mail Marketing to turn them into regulars.
  • An outdated website won’t sell Gift Cards online or sell tickets to a cooking class or wine tasting until they are sold out.
  • An outdated website won’t automatically report daily to the major search engines so that diners will find you and not the other guys.
  • An outdated website won’t keep your customer’s engaged in an interesting weekly Blog that lets them interact with the chef, the bartender or even the owner.
  • An outdated website won’t let you make a simple price change on your menu without learning code or picking up the phone.

Bottom line, an outdated website won’t do a lot of things, but, a Restaurant Website Platform will. We design elegant websites for restaurants that are simple to navigate yet have plenty of power under the hood. Not only have we developed all the tools that your restaurant will need to stay ahead of your competition but we’ve built them all on one single platform. Give us a call at 301-537-8500 to get started.

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