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4-Course (Monthly)


Reg Price: $399.00
+ $7500 design & development

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Website + Maintenance + Marketing

The 4-Course Subscription is the perfect package for restaurant owners who need a little help marketing their restaurant online. That's where we come in! With your 4-Course Subscription not only do you get all the powerful online business tools and monthly maintenance from our 3-Course Subscription, you get our help EVERY MONTH with your email marketing. We will help you organize and deliver one professional email campaign a month to your customers so you can turn then into regulars. All our subscription plans come with 24/7 online support access to FAQ, training videos, and knowledge base. If you need further assistance you can submit 10 support tickets month for help.

  • Custom Website: Included
  • Data Storage: 1 GB
  • Support Tickets: Unlimited
  • Website Maintenance: 1 hour / month
  • Marketing Support: 1 email campaign / month
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB / month
  • Admin Users: 2
  • Email Accounts: 20
  • Email Newsletters: 10,000 / month
10% discount on Annual 4-Course Subscription.
4-Course (Monthly)

For more information about our Restaurant Website Platform subscriptions, visit the Features List page for full description of services provided.

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