Internet Marketing

Marketing support for restaurants

Internet Marketing

Marketing on the Internet is now not an option for restaurants, it is a necessity. We specialize in bringing your Email marketing, social media and blogs all into one platform for more cohensive messaging. We will help your restaurant managers to expand your Email lists. Our powerful Customer Relationship Management feature makes all of these marketing solutions possible by tracking your customers interactions and recording them. That way when you decide to market a special event, wine tasting or cooking class, you'll know who to target.

We build an online database of your regulars

One of the most important aspects of our websites from most is our powerful built-in Customer Relations Manager (CRM). Every customer who interacts with your restaurant's website has their information automatically captured into the CRM database. Later, this information can be leveraged to run loyalty programs based on segmented customer lists to send send targeted Email campaigns and promotions that encourage them to subscribe to newsletters, purchase gift cards, or sign up for a cooking class.

Our CRM and Email marketing system work hand in hand to help you market your restaurant with precision. The built-in customer relations manager can track your customer's spending habits and then you can market to them appropriately. By providing this type of two-way communication, you strengthen the restaurant's brand while increasing sales and facilitating the processing of customer service requests.