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Website solutions for restaurants

Restaurant Website Platform was created with one clear mission, to provide a complete "all-in-one" website and marketing solution for restaurants and food service businesses. Our goal is to empower your restaurant with a stunning, intelligently designed website that will ultimately increase your daily cover count. We build custom restaurant websites that come with monthly maintenance and support, so you can get back to running your restaurant and not worry about updating your website. Our platform implements in-depth marketing strategies that help turn your restaurant's website into your most powerful guest generator. Our top shelf platform monitors your restaurant's online reputation to help protect and strengthen your brand. We are restaurant people that help restaurants succeed online, it's that simple.

How can Restaurant Website Platform help my restaurant?

I can't get my menu items updated on my website.

Keep all of your menus up to date online. We will edit all of your menu items and any other content whenever you need. You can send us food descriptions, new prices, add dietary information, run specials, or add pictures of menu items and we will have you covered.

My website doesn't accept reservations.

Let diners book a table directly on your website or redirect them. We have designed an online solution that works hand and hand with OpenTable or a custom reservation form built right in your website.

I want to be able to book seatings for my cooking events.

With our Event Calendar you can easily collect bookings for a cooking class, wine tasting, holiday celebration or any special event. Provide online booking forms, collect payments, set capacity limits, and automate follow-up emails. All of these services are built right into every website we build.

I don't know if my website is even working.

Our system gives you key metrics, statistics and analytics to understand every facet of your website. Information gathered can tell if your marketing is producing good results.

I want to be able to sell gift cards & salsa online.

Give your restaurant website the power to sell gift cards online. Your built-in online store can sell specialty items such as great salsa or even apparel. Every order is linked to a customer record in the Customer Relations Manager (CRM) so your customers become regulars.

Everything is going mobile except my website.

Restaurant Website Platform websites will be customized to look spectacular on all of these popular devices. People who are looking for a restaurant have changed the way that they search.

I don't have time to send out emails blasts.

Automatic campaigns deliver highly-personalized and professional looking emails to your existing or potential customers. With every platform that we build, we include one Newsletter Template that matches your website, so you can use Email to grow your business.

I don't know what diners are saying about my restaurant.

Restaurant Website Platform utilizes a reputation monitoring plan that helps restaurant owners and managers understand and respond to the reviews that being posted online. We send out Email notices every time your restaurant receives a review so we can protect your name.

I'm totally behind my competitors. I don't even have a website!

Don't stress, we'll get you caught up. All of our platform subscriptions come with a total custom website built from scratch to represent your restaurant's ambiance. Each and every one of our restaurant websites are intelligently designed to maximize your restaurant's online exposure.

What if I like my restaurant website but would like to take advantage of your website platform and services?
No problem. We can migrate your current website onto our platform and start helping your restaurant to succeed online.

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