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How a restaurant can benefit by integrating a Customer Relationship Management database into their Website

Paul Starkey - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Restaurant Website Platform is a hosted all-in-one solution for the management of websites for the restaurant industry. We offer a new approach to running the day-to-day operations for your restaurant website. RWP is not simply a website, it is an online business that has a better understanding of your website visitors and guests that interact with your restaurant. A major feature of RWP is the built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The CRM framework helps restaurant owners manage customer contact details, past form submissions, e-mail subscriptions, online orders, and more all from a centralized Admin Console. In the restaurant business, it is important to appreciate every guest that chooses your establishment and never take their loyalty for granted. In the end, the Customer Relationship Management database is designed to help you intelligently market your restaurant brand and increase the level of customer service you provide to your diners. Get a real-time view of your customer activity by tracking customer interactions with the restaurant website and saves that information into a database. Although the e-commerce platform and e-mail marketing features are extremely impressive, it is the CRM that pulls all the data together.

The extremely successful CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group based out of New York City and author of "Setting the Table", Danny Meyer admits that his success has come from understanding and learning as much information as he could about his customers. Meyer has stated that when computers were introduced into the restaurant industry, he was rebellious. He was lucky to be surrounded by a very talented group of managers that quickly convinced him otherwise. Mr. Meyer used technology to gather information about his customer's dining and spending habits to provide a better form of hospitality to his customers. There are many features that Restaurant Website Platform has designed to be crucial to helping restaurants and the Customer Relationship Management system is just one of them.

For the next several weeks, we will showcase our wide range of features that can be applied to making sure a restaurant never gets in the weeds with their website. We will pick one feature each week and break it down in simple, easy to understand language and how it relates to the restaurant industry. So stay tuned and we promise to be here to help.

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