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Can Craig's List job listings find great employees for my restaurant?

Vincent Gisriel - Monday, November 04, 2013

Craig's List is certainly a great way to let the people know that your restaurant is currently searching for some qualified talent. For $25 or even free, a restaurant can throw up an ad on Craig's List and see what the universe throws back. The truth about hiring for the restaurant business is that you really never know the skill of your employee until you are in the weeds. People that apply for restaurant jobs always talk a big game, but it's not until the restaurant is slammed with customers that the truth comes out.

The next time you are in a busy restaurant sit back and pay attention to the person on the floor that is moving the slowest. I know what you're thinking, slow means bad. Not in this case, slow means good. Slow means that employee is in control, has experience and works efficiently. I'm not talking turtle slow, but when your server or bartender is collecting information from you in an relaxed fashion while fixing problems before they arise, then you'll know that you have the right person. There are exceptions to this rule but the employees rushing around and freaking out are not getting much of anything accomplished. Restaurant people that know what they're doing, understand the only way to get through a crazy rush is to take your time.

All of the websites that we design for restaurants are on Business Catalyst and include a built-in online job application form. This way when you do place an ad out there to find help, you can link them right to your website. Once an applicant hits send on your application, it creates a specific workflow to your managers. Owners or managers are then emailed the application to review for an interview.

We don't know if Craig's List is the answer to restaurant hiring but it is the most effective tool for finding the most applicants in a short amount of time. Connecting future employees to a page on your website to fill out your application keeps all of your prospects in your email account and helps you stay organized. But remember, you won't know if that employee has what it takes to handle the pressure until they are thrown into the fire.