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Why custom designed websites for restaurants are better than templates

Vincent Gisriel - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

We were recently hired by Luna del Sea located in downtown Baltimore, MD to develop and maintain a new platform website. As always, we did our normal research and soon discovered that Luna del Sea’s current website had been built unsuccessfully on a very commonly used restaurant website template. After a bit more research, we found other restaurants that were built using this same template. We call that a cookie cutter website. This is a trend in the website development community and although it may work for a doctor’s office, school system or law firm, restaurants are different animals. Every restaurant should have it’s own brand identity that represents their concept clearly to potential customers.

A restaurant’s website should be a preview of what the diner is about to experience once they walk through the doors. The menu, the staff, the ambiance can all be represented by a professionally custom designed website. Well, that is exactly where we can help. Restaurant Website Platform takes the time to get to know each and every restaurant that we take on as a client. We started out as restaurant people, so when it comes to understanding the needs of a restaurant owner, we have an advantage over advertising firms that have never bussed a table.

When you get Restaurant Website Platform to develop a custom website, you can be sure that your restaurant’s website will stand out from your competition. We come in contact with restaurants everyday that need help with their websites and marketing strategies on the Internet. So don’t let your restaurant identity be cookie cutter, give us a call.

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